Accurate and specialized translations: our scientific knowledge and experience set us apart.

Specialized translation

Translation requires understanding. Our training is in biochemistry, biology, medicine, cannabis, renewable energy, IT security, and other tech fields.

Simultaneous interpretation

We translate orally and in real time, transmitting the speaker’s words on the spot. We do this in closed, soundproof booths, equipped with microphones and headphones, during meetings or conferences.

Project management

We have the experience and methodology to plan and direct processes to manage wide-ranging multinational projects and teams, meeting client needs and deadlines in a timely manner.

Sworn translation

We are sworn translators. This allows us to prepare, stamp, and sign translations of documents that must be officially certified before being submitted to national and foreign government entities and private organizations.

Consecutive interpretation

We have extensive experience in consecutive interpreting in various languages. We can help facilitate business meetings and negotiations, hearings and interviews, press conferences, and events.

Review and editing

We review translations done by outside colleagues and edit a range of content to reflect, as faithfully as possible, the intention of the original document’s author.

Business translation

We have considerable experience translating business-related content into a variety of languages, across all industries and platforms. A good translation is essential to any company’s international expansion.

Liaison interpreting

We interpret, orally and without electronic devices, to facilitate communication between people who do not share a common language. We play a role in negotiations, medical appointments, interviews, and more.


We proofread documents for publication (papers). We evaluate texts in terms of form (spelling, grammar, and syntax) and style for their subsequent translation.

Certificate of accuracy

We validate legal documents from foreign sworn translators. We compare them against the original text and prepare a document listing any discrepancies or a new translation, if necessary.


Court interpreting

We are listed in the Registry of Experts and we serve as expert interpreters for hearings, expert testimony and trials, weddings, and probate proceedings with non-Spanish speaking parties.


Documents entering Uruguay and those intended to be used abroad must be certified through the chain authentication process or an Apostille. We can witness the signature at consulates if required.

We also offer other related services

Full equipment

When you choose our simultaneous interpretation service, we can provide you with booths and the necessary electronic equipment.

Private intermediary services

We provide document procurement services at various agencies and embassies in Uruguay for foreign clients.

Professional voice overs

If you need an audio version of your translated content, we offer voice over services in several languages.


Hours of simultaneous interpretation


Words translated


Projects managed

Memberships that support our work

Laura Barzilai Sordo

«I stay ahead of the curve so that details won’t become problems.»
Following my restless spirit, I trained as an English and Spanish teacher while studying biochemistry at university.
I graduated as a certified translator in 2003 and a few years later as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter.
My penchant for project management led me to take the PMP course (Project Management Professional).
I specialized in pharmaceutical patents, medical cannabis and hemp, environmental issues,
information technologies, IT security, and e-government.
I help individuals and businesses break down language barriers.

ATA Certificate No. 511096


We are the leading translation and interpretation company based in Uruguay, specializing in technical, medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific projects. Our expertise lies in coordinating extensive teams of linguists, technicians, and professionals to translate and edit significant volumes of content, all while meeting agreed-upon deadlines. Trust us and obtain the linguistic solutions that your business requires.

Registration with public agencies

We are registered and authorized as sworn translators before various public entities: the Supreme Court of Justice’s Experts’ Registry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vital Records Office, and the National Bureau of Civil Identification, as well as the embassies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Italy, and Israel in Uruguay.

Accuracy and confidentiality

Our professionals are specialized in a broad range of subjects, which allows us to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of your commercial or technical translation. We can also sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements before the start of each job.

More than 15 languages

We have an extensive network of translators and interpreters who work in more than 15 languages. Our team translates whenever possible into their mother tongue, which guarantees not only the accuracy of their work, but also a contemporary and familiar style for each language.


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